Dr. April Brunetti

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My goal is to improve the quality of each person’s life through chiropractic and nutrition and educate them so they can use it in their daily lives.  We specialize in offering you solutions to the health challenges and health goals you have. We have been helping people just like you since 1986. We have helped thousands of people and we would like to help you as well. Give us a call at 714-441-0500 and lets find out how we can help you.


Everyone knows that it is important to exercise regularly.

But what if you are in too much pain to be able to exercise comfortably or safely? What if your range of motion is limited by stiffness?


Eating right is vital to your body’s health.

What is proper nutrition? What foods should you eat to help your body heal itself and keep your body strong and provide you with the energy you need.

Enjoying Life

Living life, doing things you love to do, keeps you young.

It’s important to do things with the family and kids and enjoy life. But what if you are in too much pain to go on family outings?